Evaluation and Assessment to Modernize and Reform Your Organization

Real Reform Starts with Trust
Even the highest performing organizations can benefit from the outside perspective of expert consultants. Whether you need a limited review of mission-critical policies or want to create a strategic plan for implementing large-scale reform, Polis can help. We believe that every successful consulting project begins and ends with trust. For that reason, earning the trust of your organization and community is our highest priority. As veteran police professionals, we know firsthand the challenges of creating real, measurable change. When you hire Polis, you get a team of honest, creative experts who bring an optimal combination of experience, intellect, and diversity to your agency's project.
Actionable Recommendations Customized to Your Organization
Organizations are justifiably frustrated when they spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on a consulting project only to receive a bland report with generic or impractical recommendations. To be worth their cost in time and money, Polis thinks consulting reports should be honest, creative, and precisely tailored to the unique needs and conditions of the client organization and community it serves. If you want elite service, candid advice, and innovative ideas that stand apart from the crowded field of "one-size-fits-all" police consulting, we would be pleased to review your needs.

Successful consulting projects bring out the best in your agency.