Finding Science-Based Strategies to Optimize Performance and Trust

Science in the Pursuit of Greater Trust and Safety
Modernizing and improving your agency means getting serious about applied research. Research paves the way for data-driven innovation. When it's done using your agency's own data, research can help you reinforce and expand best practices as well as find areas for reform. Whether you want to evaluate your patrol or community engagement strategies, analyze use of force and de-escalation, or measure the effectiveness of your training programs, we can conduct research that will yield actionable results for your agency. We offer scalable, cost-effective research programs that empowers your agency with tools and methods to transform latent data into actionable information.
Leading the Way in Police Research
Since our founding in 2014, Polis has been advancing the state of the art in the integration of research and policing. Building on our experience at DARPA, we have become national leaders in the application of science and technology to address some of the toughest challenges in public safety. With a wide network of university, government, industry, think-tank, and non-profit partners, Polis has been at the center of research-driven innovation in areas ranging from body-worn camera data analytics to adaptive decision-making, de-escalation, use of force, and social interaction. If your agency or organization wants to take a leadership role in research-based innovation, we'd like to hear from you.
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Science and ethics driven by a passion to make a real difference in public trust and safety.