Custom Learning Programs Driven by Your Mission and Values

Enhance Performance and Reinforce Core Values
The task of training and educating the nation’s police workforce has never been more challenging. Preparing the members of your organization to succeed in a legally, tactically, and ethically complex environment requires the seamless integration of strategic vision and effective learning. Learning must be deliberately tied to your organization’s mission, grounded in its core values, and based on measurable outcomes. Since 2014, scores of agencies nationwide and the U.S. Department of Justice have trusted Polis to help improve the rigor, effectiveness, and credibility of their police training and education programs. Our T3 – Tact, Tactics, and Trust program remains the only DOJ approved curriculum of its kind to integrate de-escalation, officer safety, and community policing skills. We specialize in creating custom learning programs that use a mix of live and virtual methods. Some of our latest training projects include social influence skills, leadership, 4th Amendment, and internal affairs.
Adaptive Decision-Making to Build Expertise
The heart of expertise is adaptive decision-making. Expertise in high-consequence professions like policing, aviation, and emergency medicine is defined by the capacity to accurately identify critical patterns and to formulate and execute effective decisions in response. Polis specializes in the application of adaptive decision-making to police training and education. Our DOJ-funded ADAPT program is the first-ever curriculum to systematically integrate adaptive decision-making with use of force and de-escalation training. Following the principle of “teach situations, not techniques,” ADAPT gives agencies a scalable, flexible model that can be tailored to fit their policies, procedures, and governing statutes.

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