The World's First Multimodal AI System for the Analysis of Body-Worn Camera Video

Get Ready To Change The Way You Look At Body-Worn Camera Videos
Body-worn camera (BWC) video is your agency’s largest and most valuable source of data about police-community interactions. TrustStat™ transforms your capacity to use this data in efficient, cost effective ways that help build public trust and safety. TrustStat™ multimodal technology integrates several powerful AI tools to analyze police-community interactions. TrustStat™ uses computer vision to analyze key features of officer and community member behavior, natural language processing to understand what people are saying, and speech processing to analyze how people are talking to each other. Unlike more limited technology that only analyzes transcripts of officer’s speech, TrustStat™ looks at the entire interaction following the same patterns that human expert use. TrustStat™ is securely located on Microsoft’s Azure GovCloud. We are proud to be partnering with Microsoft to offer TrustStat to public safety agencies nationwide and around the world.
Your Community, Your Agency, Your Data
Until now, nearly all efforts to analyze body-worn camera video have been done by outsiders. Many are researchers with no police experience. Others come from the business world. Polis thinks that any serious, fair, and objective effort to evaluate body-worn camera data needs to start with the police themselves and the communities they serve. As a team of police professionals, scientists, and engineers building on our earlier work at DARPA, we know first-hand the operational, political, and ethical stakes in striving to leverage technology to measure and build trust in mission-critical environments. We designed TrustStat™ to be an adaptive system suited to the values and objectives of diverse communities around America and the world. TrustStat™ identifies vital patterns in police-community interactions at scales ranging from city-wide trends to individual encounters. Understanding these patterns is the key to optimizing everything from community engagement and patrol operations to supervision and training.

What do you want to do with your body-worn camera videos that you can't do today?