October 4, 2023
Polis Welcomes St. Petersburg (FL) as a TrustStat™ Pilot Site
St. Petersburg TrustStat™ Pilot Site

Polis is pleased to announce that the St. Petersburg (FL) Police Department is our newest TrustStat™ pilot site. Together with SPPD’s robust body-worn camera (BWC) program and commitment to community policing, Chief Anthony Holloway recognizes how TrustStat™ can help transform the how the Department uses its BWC data to strengthen public trust and safety. With over 600 sworn officers, SPPD serves the fifth-largest city in Florida.  

The flexible, adaptable design of TrustStat™ means that Polis will be able to customize BWC analytics solutions to the unique needs of SPPD and the St. Petersburg community.

Please follow us here for more news on this pilot project.