October 2, 2023
GE Research’s Chief Scientist for AI Joins Polis Board of Advisors
Polis Advisory Board Appointment

Polis is honored to welcome Dr. Peter Tu to our Board of Advisors. Dr. Tu is Chief Scientist for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at GE Research. He has worked at GE Research since 1997 on numerous DARPA, IARPA, DHS, FBI, and private sector projects on the application of AI, computer vision, and multimodal technology to the analysis of social interactions.

Dr. Tu has published over 75 peer reviewed papers and filed more than 50 patents. He originally collaborated with the co-founders of Polis at DARPA. He advises Polis on technical and commercial scaling of the TrustStat™ system and will assist with ongoing integration of GE computer vision capabilities into TrustStat™. Dr. Tu earned his D.Phil. from Oxford University.