October 4, 2023
Polis Partners with Microsoft for Release of TrustStat™ BWC Analytics System
Polis and Microsoft at IACP

Join Polis at the Microsoft booth at IACP in San Diego for the official release of TrustStat™, the world’s first multimodal AI system for the analysis of body-worn camera video.

We are honored to release TrustStat™ in collaboration with Microsoft Public Safety and Justice and Microsoft’s Justice Reform Initiative.

Until now, nearly all efforts to analyze body-worn camera video have been done by outsiders. Many are researchers with no police experience. Others come from the business world. Polis thinks that any serious, fair, and objective effort to evaluate body-worn camera data needs to start with the police themselves and the communities they serve.

 As a team of police professionals, scientists, and engineers building on our earlier work at DARPA (hyperlink), we know first-hand the operational, political, and ethical stakes in striving to leverage technology to measure and build trust in mission-critical environments. We designed TrustStat™ to be an adaptive system suited to the values and objectives of diverse communities around America and the world. TrustStat™ identifies vital patterns in police-community interactions at scales ranging from city-wide trends to individual encounters. Understanding these patterns is the key to optimizing everything from community engagement and patrol operations to supervision and training.

To schedule a demo at IACP, please contact us at info@polis-solutions.com.