October 19, 2023
Polis Featured in "Microsoft On the Issues"
Microsoft Blog features Polis

Polis is honored to have had Microsoft feature the public release of TrustStat™ on their Corporate Blog. An excerpt is below - find the full piece, by Kevin Miller, at "Microsoft On the Issues."

By leveraging AI tools and services, TrustStat can transform a department’s capability to structure and use their body-worn camera data to save time and money and improve performance and public accountability. With better access and understanding of the available data, there is an opportunity to advance data-driven transparency and accountability that empowers both community members and public officials.
“Our body-worn camera videos contain a huge volume of valuable data.” said Exec. Asst. Chief Albert Martinez of the Dallas Police Department, “Through its AI enabled analytics, TrustStat will help our department understand and use this data to continue strengthening public trust and safety in the City of Dallas.”